Jane Scanlan – Health and Wellness Consultant

The company Forever4ever is about creating simple changes in your life to help you build confidence in yourself and your health. We give positive health messages, via effective natural healing and lots of friendly support, whilst helping you, the individual, to take ownership of your health and wellbeing.

A little knowledge goes a long way, especially when it comes to your health.

We believe that it is important to create a world where individuals have the knowledge and skills to self heal, are independent and have the confidence to ask for help and guidance when needed. Here at Forever4ever we work closely with all our clients and team members, we feel it is important to convey our health messages clearly, while offering friendly support via different media (i.e. face to face appointments, phone calls, conference calls, Skype, emails, and even texts) and we aim to get back to all of your enquiries within 48 hours.

How this works throughout the business

When new members join my Forever Living team we want to help them build a business with a good income, quickly, but we find the speed of this journey depends on their dream, willingness to self develop and change old ways of thinking. We are a close team who are always looking for individuals who want to lead a better life and are prepared to make the changes to make it happen.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful way to learn to clear or reduce your own emotional blocks whilst you’re away from the therapy session. Within our EFT sessions we will help you to learn the art of tapping, after just 3 to 6 appointments with us you should be competent and confident enough to use this skill yourself. Homeopathy is another wonderful natural therapy, which can be used simply and safely within the home. With any of our kits you will undergo training on how to use the basic remedies, how to store remedies and you will even learn about the history of homeopathy.

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